So I took the cat to the Guilford County animal shelter to get spayed and shots. Filled out the paperwork, got to the front of the line and— what do you know —-the staffer asks to see my identification. I asked why, and they said the state requires I.D. to be on file when they reimburse for the cost of spay neuter and shots. When I asked why this was, they said they didn’t know. When I asked what would happen if I didn’t have my ID, they said they’d ask for it when I came back to pick up the cat. When I asked what would happen if I didn’t have an ID, period, they said they didn’t know because —-get this —- nobody has ever said they didn’t have an ID.

I won’t speculate on the economic status of those in line with me based on appearances; however, I will speculate that the majority of people utilizing the animal shelter services are middle class at best, simply because it was a process. I will say however there was a mix of white and African-American getting their dogs and cats fixed.

OK I realize that fixing your pet isn’t a right like voting, although I dare say that animal rights activists put the moral responsibility on par with voting. I’m just pointing out that this is yet another instance where I.D. is requested. And if pet owners represent a solid cross section of society —and I believe they do — then the majority of the population has sufficient identification.