The Polar Plunge at Appalachian State University, which raises money for the Special Olympics, has been postponed until next week. Temperatures had gone into the single-digits, and organizers wished to wait until they were more reflective of the melting icebergs the event’s name conjures. Folks can jump in the freezing weather into warmer water if they donate $25, minus the cost of a beach towel and prize contest, to the cause.

If that is not your idea of charity, maybe you should enjoy Asheville’s Drag Queen Bingo, “a raucous, rowdy night of drinks, food, prizes, and fun . . .” to raise money for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. If we pay no mind to the heart-felt, sacrificial, transformative charity going on off-the-radar all the time, government hogging of the charitable sector begins to look not so bad.