If you’re visiting the “Locker Room” while waiting for your flight home for Thanksgiving, or while waiting to pick up a friend or family member returning home for the holiday, you might appreciate a new Cato Institute study.

Chris Edwards offers details.

With infrastructure on the agenda in Washington, Cato has released a new study on “Privatizing U.S. Airports.”

The study discusses global reform trends and explains the advantages of privatization.

U.S. airports are government bureaucracies. By contrast, almost half the airports in Europe have been privatized, including the main airports in Antwerp, Budapest, Lisbon, London, Birmingham, Brussels, Copenhagen, Rome, Vienna, and Zurich.

In the early years of commercial aviation, the major airports in numerous U.S. cities were privately owned. Unfortunately, government policies squeezed them out over time.

It’s time to correct that mistake and give entrepreneurs a chance in the U.S. airports industry.