It looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas has made his way to the classroom.  According to an article in the LA Times, A Pandora’s Box for Teachers, school leadership is evaluating teacher gift giving, and adopting policies that discourage gifts or impose limitations for giving.
One reason for such policies comes from an ?inequity? of gift giving for each teacher in the school. The central office does not want particular teachers going home with ?armfuls of goodies while others head out for holiday vacation empty-handed.? Has anyone ever told these folks that life is not fair!
Another reason is that the ?gift policy? lifts the financial burden on students of little means who feel compelled to give.   As a teacher I loved a hand written note from the heart! However, if it was mandated, I don?t think it would have meant so much!
But the reason that got my attention, allegedly, faculty in a public school in Irvine, Ca. demanded expensive jewels, perfumes and clothing in exchange for accepting a special needs student. 
Extortion in the classroom!
Some folks will always abuse what is good ? even gift giving. I guess the arrogant central office thinks a policy will ?fix? the problem.  I think NOT!