The folks at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) are constantly fighting the speech police on college campuses. And, many times they are successful at pointing out to college administrators that their actions are in direct conflict with student rights to free speech and association. Today FIRE issued a news release to help parents and grandparents ensure that their child’s teachers have access to an excellent resource for Constitution Day. Here’s part of the news release. You can find out more at

Unfortunately, student rights are often abused because incoming students don’t understand their basic free speech and due process protections. That’s why FIRE teamed up with the Bill of Rights Institute to prepare a lesson plan for high school civics, government, or history classes: “The College Bill of Rights.”

This one-day lesson gives students an invaluable overview of how the First Amendment will apply to them on their college campuses and is perfect for a Constitution Day (September 17) curriculum at any high school. If you are a teacher, please take a look at this free lesson plan—and if you are a parent or grandparent, download it and make sure it gets in the hands of your favorite student’s teacher!