Former John Locke Foundation headliner John Gizzi writes in Human Events that the Obama administration is saying little about its likely response to the final report from the Bowles-Simpson debt commission:

Noting that [Press Secretary Robert] Gibbs had repeatedly underscored the President?s commitment to extending tax cuts for middle-income wage-earners and that ?our goal is to ensure that middle families don?t see their tax bills go up on New Year?s Day,? I asked whether the Administration would commit outright to rejecting the much-rumored recommendation of the commission that the gasoline tax be raised by 15 cents per gallon.

?Again, I?m going to reiterate,? Gibbs told me, ?this is an independent commission that was set up by this White House to look into our long-term fiscal crisis, and we?re going to let the commission do their work.? 

Following up on my question, Christy Parsons of the Chicago Tribune asked Gibbs if the White House would weigh in ?on the report at all in advance of the vote on Friday?  The report is out, and the co-chairs say it?s not going to change at all.?

?Not that I?m aware of,? said the President?s top spokesman.