The world’s climate has been naughty for nearly two decades and disobeyed all the climate models predicting warming caused by greedy humans (Americans, mostly). Things have gotten so bad (you know, by not getting worse) for the doomsayers selling fear-based costly political solutions that they are having to rethink their … marketing.

We’ve already discussed how in the past few years, the concept of proof in news stories about global warming has evaporated. Proof becoming ever more elusive, the stories now push the political ends. These ends were once regarded as the necessary means to staving off a global ill, but with that ill not materializing, the means are unmasked as the actual end all along.

So Climate Fear Inc. is adapting its messaging. I pointed out already it was targeting local populations with tailor-made concerns. In Scotland, for example, they’re telling people global warming could cause a decline in the number of people with red hair.

They are also seeking to piggyback on whatever people are worried about at any particular moment in time. Take the last few days, for example. What are the big concerns? A massive outbreak of Ebola and fears that it might reach other continents, including North America, for one. A huge wave of illegal immigration across America’s southern border is another. Finally, Hawaii is bracing for a highly unusual meteorological event: being struck by not one but two tropical cyclones.

In short order, the climate fearmongerers have responded:

RSS no global warming for 17+ years

(Graph discussion and sources here and here.)