Jonah Goldberg writes at the New York Post about former Vice President Joe Biden’s latest political problems.

The knives are out for Joe Biden.

To read some of the media accounts, Biden is the latest politician to run afoul of the “MeToo” era. His accusers have followed the usual script, “breaking their silence” after much introspection. They insist they want the truth to come out.

What truth? Biden is handsy. And, to borrow a Bidenism, this is a big f?-?-?- ing deal.

But is it? The allegation that he’s too physically familiar with people — and not just women, by the way — is only slightly more shocking than revelations that he talks too much, says weird things and misuses the word “literally.” As Biden himself might say, “We’ve known all this about Joe for literally, not figuratively, a billion years.” …

… I never liked Biden’s act, but the effort to demonize him now is so obviously driven by his potential Democratic primary opponents. I don’t think it will work. It may cost Biden with young activists in the party who think even gendered pronouns are triggering.

But there’s a reason he leads the polls. Democrats may be unified in their opposition to President Trump, but I think the older ones (who tend to vote at a higher rate in primaries) are also nostalgic for “normal” politics. Biden’s more liberal than people claim, but he’s a known quantity, and he’s not a socialist.