The presidential election is still nearly a year away, but Ryan Lovelace of the Washington Examiner draws attention to a recent poll that bodes ill for a candidate once considered a shoo-in for the 2016 race.

Hillary Clinton trails the entire top tier of Republican presidential candidates in hypothetical matchups, according to a new survey conducted by Fox News.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio maintains the largest margin of victory over the Democratic presidential candidate, and would beat Clinton today 50-42, according to the poll.

Jeb Bush, who has struggled to gain any traction among Republicans, still leads Clinton by 6 points. Donald Trump and Ben Carson each lead by 5 points, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz holds a 4-point lead over Clinton. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie finishes ahead of Clinton by 3 percentage points.

“Rubio not only commands the widest margin against Clinton, he’s the only one who hits the 50 percent mark,” wrote Fox News. “Rubio’s margin comes entirely from men, who go for him over Clinton by 17 points. The two are tied among women voters. This is the first time Rubio has topped Clinton, although it’s always been close — she was up by just one point in June (45 Clinton vs. 44 Rubio).”

So much for inevitability.