Last night, Mike Summey shared how the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department now has squads of volunteers to handle administrative garbage so paid officers can tend to public safety. It is good that so many people want to help out. It is bad that government is so messed up it requires that much paperwork, and that it cannot afford to tend to its chiefest objective of making sure people can enjoy domestic tranquility. Oh, yes. We could always accept another grant from the federal deficit to get more paperwork strings attached.

So we ask what would law enforcement be like without good people? It would probably be like some of these roads designed with no higher purpose than creating jobs for the concrete industry. Were it not for nice people who let people turn in front of them in spite of weird signaling, I’d still be sitting in several maelstroms. In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to salute all the courteous people in West Asheville, who day after day make driving on Haywood Road possible.