The General Assembly is preparing to head back to Raleigh to override their first veto in state history. They?re not doing it for the citizens, not for education, not for roads, but to give away $40 million to ONE company. And here?s the who?s who of who?s in favor of giving the money away and who?s in favor of supporting the veto for the citizens of the state.

Again, if the veto stands, the citizens get to keep $40 million for projects benefiting all of the citizens, if the veto gets overridden, then ONE company (Goodyear) gets a $40 million CASH prize and an additional $15 million courtesy of the citizens of the state.

In favor of the giveaway, I mean overriding the veto: Goodyear (and their 2 high powered lobbyists) who will not promise not to lay off people, the Cumberland County Business Council wanting the freebie, Senator Tony Rand (D-Cumberland) and Speaker Joe Hackney (D-Orange) (oddly against incentives in general in the past)

In favor of the citizens, supporting the veto: The John Locke Foundation, NC Justice Center, NC Policy Watch, NC100, Governor Easley, EVERY 2008 Gubernatorial Candidates in both parties, Freedomworks, Americans for Prosperity, The Civitas Institute, The NC Institute for Constitutional Law (in other words, the best, the brightest and most active on both sides of the political aisle)

That?s the field as it stands. There may be others on either side of this particular issue. Please chime in with additional folks that might be on either side. It?s pretty clear that this looks more and more like a political favor and less like an actual policy debate for the citizens of this great state.