Editors at Issues and Insights respond to the latest inexplicable censorship from Google.

The other day we received a notice from Google’s AdSense ad network that one of our articles violated its policies and, as a result, they wouldn’t allow any of their network’s ads to appear on that article until we “fixed” the violation.

What was the violation?  According to Google, the article contained “unreliable and harmful information.” What does that mean? Dig deeper and here’s how Google describes this particular violation:

“We do not allow content that:

*makes claims that are demonstrably false and could significantly undermine participation or trust in an electoral or democratic process.

*promotes harmful health claims or relates to a current, major health crisis and

*contradicts authoritative scientific consensus.contradicts authoritative scientific consensus on climate change.”

Previously, we noted in this space that Google had stripped ads from two of our editorials about global warming, and we pointed out that this was likely part of a new post-COVID censorship campaign by the left.

But this new article wasn’t about climate change. It wasn’t about COVID. It also wasn’t about election fraud. It wasn’t about the Jan. 6 riots. It wasn’t about anything controversial.

It was an article about the results of our own monthly I&I/TIPP poll, which asked registered voters “who do you want to see run for president in 2024.” We broke out the findings by party affiliation, and reported on the results. Which were that while 60% of Republicans wanted Donald Trump to run in 2024, a mere 37% of Democrats wanted President Joe Biden to be on the ticket. Mind you, TIPP is a highly regarded polling firm that has been the most accurate in every presidential election since it started doing that polling.

The leftists running Google might not understand this, but poll results like that are what we in the news business call “news.”