Of course that’s not true. But that’s the logical conclusion one would reach if one believed last month’s spin from left-leaning politicians and pundits.

At that time, they decried North Carolina’s 11,000 lost government-sector jobs in July, implying or stating categorically that Republican state budget cuts deserved the blame. The left-of-center claims completely ignored longstanding trends that show the state’s government sector “loses jobs” (i.e., teachers go on vacation) every July. Annual trends among the numbers with no seasonal adjustments also show that numbers start to go up again in August, as they did this August, and government-sector job totals in December tend to be higher each year than in June.

I’m not holding my breath that any of the offending pundits is willing to admit now that: a. he had no idea what he was talking about last month, b. he willfully misused a data point from the July statewide unemployment report to score a cheap political point, c. he’s a partisan hack who doesn’t really care about the truth of anything he says, or d. all of the above.