Fair elections in North Carolina? In a story that gets to the heart of whether North Carolina will or won’t — or whether some voters will be disenfranchised — we have a stunning development reported by Carolina Journal.

The day after the state announced a settlement with Democratic super-litigator Marc Elias likely gutting absentee ballot protections, the State Board of Elections’ two Republican members resigned. They suggested they were tricked into going along with a plan to let the board’s director negotiate settlements out of court.

Members David Black and Ken Raymond separately resigned from the board Wednesday, Sept. 23. Their resignation letters said they got misleading information from the office of state Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat, or from board staff about the need to settle disputes over absentee ballot rules rather than take their arguments to court.

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So who is the ‘super-litigator’ Marc Elias? And what changes is he pushing for? In May, JLF CEO Amy Cooke profiled this lawsuit, in the video below.


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