Zachary Halaschak of the Washington Examiner highlights one lawmaker’s concerns about the Biden administration’s latest spending plans.

A chief architect of the 2017 tax cuts said Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar tax and spending package is the “most dangerous” he has seen during his more than two decades in Congress.

Rep. Kevin Brady, the ranking member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, told the Washington Examiner that he has been working tooth and nail to fight the proposed $3.5 trillion legislative behemoth, which he said dwarfs spending battles of the past. He lamented the proposal as “tragic.”

“Boy, I think it’s the most dangerous tax and spending package I have experienced in 25 years in Congress,” Brady said. “This is Godzilla, every other spending package was a horse. This just swamps anything that’s ever been done.”

Brady said he fears the spending package is going to “hook a lot of Americans into government dependency.”

The package includes a wide menu of tax hikes. The proposed legislation would raise the top marginal tax rate, expand the capital gains tax, raise the corporate tax rate, and impose a 3% surtax on high-earning individuals, among other changes. The tax hikes are intended to pay for a sprawling set of social, climate, and infrastructure programs that are anticipated to be jammed through Congress using a budgetary process that avoids needing a single GOP vote.

“Never has our government wasted so much money to kill so many American jobs,” Brady said.

The package, known as the Build Back Better Act, is a signature piece of legislation for President Joe Biden, who has been pushing for the sprawling set of initiatives that he argues will revitalize the economy and help the poor while addressing climate change and infrastructure goals.

Several Democratic-led committees advanced pieces of the legislation through the House this week through the markup process as Republicans resisted.