Troubles continue to brew for the Asheville Police Department. At least four officers have now complained about discriminatory practices and other dishonest machinations perpetrated by top leadership. The Asheville Tribune this week features details on the topic, but the article is not yet online. The issue is not new. Several years ago, during the last administration, there were complaints about a race-baiting continuing education seminar all policemen had to attend. Then, there was the time the mayor declared at a retreat that she wanted the racial composition of city departments to reflect that of the city. That was politically correct, but the human resources manager ran out of the room for a hissy fit, and she and the police chief shared some words.

Two administrations ago, it was hard to find anybody who trusted the APD. They were always slow to arrive on the scene, and they were rumored to be highly involved with the local drug and prostitution trades. Everybody knew that police sometimes get their information from unsavory sources, everybody knew bad guys use rumors like that to try to destroy cops, but the bad rap persisted, nonetheless. The APD had lots of creds, though.