Gov. Pat McCrory has vetoed his first bill. It’s the bill requiring drug testing for Work First applicants (HB 392).

In a press release, McCrory said:

 “While I support the efforts to ensure that fugitive felons are not on public assistance rolls, and to share information about them with law enforcement, other parts of this bill are unfair, fiscally irresponsible and have potential operational problems. Drug testing Work First applicants as directed in this bill could lead to inconsistent application across the state’s 100 counties.  That’s a recipe for government overreach and unnecessary government intrusion.”

The governor continued:

“This is not a smart way to combat drug abuse. Similar efforts in other states have proved to be expensive for taxpayers and did little to actually help fight drug addiction.  It makes no sense to repeat those mistakes in North Carolina.”

McCrory said he did like one portion of the bill, which required the verification of an applicant’s criminal history and sharing such information about welfare applicants. He said it was a common-sense to keep fugitive felons and other lawbreakers off public assistance. He issued an executive order to strengthen the verification of applicants.