What is it about Friday afternoons and the week before Christmas that leads to announcements of bad news and government takeovers? Jim Harper sees more than coincidence

Politicians know?and the heads of independent agencies are no less political than anyone else?that the public loses focus after elections. That?s the time for agencies to quietly move the agenda?during the week before Christmas, for example.

So it?s not the spirit of giving?it?s the spirit of hiding?that has these independent agencies moving forward right now. It?s up to the public, if it cares about liberty and constitutionally limited government, to muster energy and outrage at the latest moves to put the society under the yoke of the ruling class.

The toll so far this month? Baby cribs, online business, health insurance prices, and government control of the internet.

Remember that it was Christmas Eve 2009 that the Senate, before Scott Brown became the 41st Senator, passed the ongoing national nightmare known as ObamaCare.

Constant vigilance