The contributor known as Allahpundit highlights a problem plaguing state-level government nannies.

We already know what it is, but it’s encouraging to see America’s most influential newspaper pinpoint it. The first step is admitting you have a problem. If the Times thinks it’s time to be less fussy about prioritization in the name of expanding access, certain blue-state governors are destined to start feeling that way too. …

… Bureaucracy and hypervigilance about making sure that the most vulnerable communities get the vaccine first means that “sophisticated” blue states are dragging their feet compared to rural reds like Alaska. It’s not that liberal states are uniformly bad. For instance, New Mexico is third out of 50 in percentage of the population that’s gotten its first dose whereas Alabama is 50th. Likewise, Wyoming is in the bottom five of states in terms of the percentage of their existing supply that they’ve dosed out so far.

It’s more a matter of progressive states not being particularly good at getting their populations vaccinated, a black eye for the party of big government. New York and California are middle of the pack in terms of supply used thus far. Among the top 10 states by share of the population that’s received one dose, only three — New Mexico, Connecticut, and D.C. (which isn’t a state) — traditionally vote Democratic. The Party of Science™ is supposed to be good at this. They aren’t. “[T]his is the problem with wokeness,” writes Karol Markowicz. “Everything else becomes dumber because of it, even medicine.”

The world leader remains Israel, which has now delivered at least one dose to 60 out of every 100 Israelis. (I take it that means some 40 percent of the population has had its first shot while another 20 percent is fully vaccinated.) … How are the people who’ve been vaccinated standing up to that? Uh, pretty awesomely, according to the data.