WCHL is reporting on efforts by the Bill Thorpe Golf Classic to supply free diapers to single moms. I’m all for private organizations using private funds to help whomever they want in whatever way they want. But toward the end of the story, there is this:

While the group accepts donations of money or diapers from private citizens, Thorpe is excited about getting local governments involved, where several policy-makers are mothers themselves.

The above paragraph links to brief comments by Mr. Thorpe. I encourage you to listen to it. He mentions Rep. Verla Insko, Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, and Orange County Commission Chairwoman Valerie Foushee. If he is simply looking for the personal support of these elected officials, no problem. But if Mr. Thorpe seeks taxpayer support for his free diaper program, that is clearly a step too far for government.