Ali Meyer of the Washington Free Beacon details the latest evidence of problems associated with the Obamacare website. and its state marketplaces approved health care coverage and subsidies for nine fake applicants in another Government Accountability Office sting, according to a report from the agency.

The investigative agency created 12 fake identities and sought to obtain coverage for them during the special enrollment period.

“For all our fictitious applicant scenarios, we sought to act as an ordinary consumer would in attempting to make a successful application,” the investigative agency said. “For example, if, during online applications, we were directed to make phone calls to complete the process or to mail the application, we acted as instructed.”

The Affordable Care Act requires that the Marketplace validate application information to determine eligibility by checking Social Security numbers, citizenship or immigration status, and household income.

The 12 applications included fictitious copies of Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, and proof of income. Only three applications were denied, and six were asked for further documentation.

“In some instances we provided fictitious documents to the federal and selected state-based marketplaces to support the [special enrollment period] triggering event and were able to obtain and maintain subsidized health coverage,” the agency said.

Ultimately, nine of the 12 fake applications were approved. The applications were submitted to the federal exchange as well as two selected state-based marketplaces in Washington, D.C., and California.

The nine applications that were approved were also cleared for advance premium tax credit subsidies, which averaged about $1,580 per month, or $18,960 per year.