The big item at Tuesday’s Asheville City Council meeting will probably be the Asheville Energy Independence Initiative. Like most things in government, it means the opposite of what it says. If foreign oil has been a harsh taskmaster, you can become independent by going in debt to Asheville City government for the next fifteen years. There is no verb on the agenda, and no resolution with the staff report. Staff is only seeking direction from council on a matter that was on the city’s legislative agenda last year. Now, it’s legal for the city to float bonds so it can loan private parties up to $20,000 for green retrofits. These private uses are construed to be for the public good. Yes, yes. . . . Ahem. Greening is good for preventing unwanted climate change. Furthermore, the scheme will create jobs (maybe not after reports this week), and the program as launched in Sonoma County, CA, had the potential to generate almost $1.5 billion in revenue in less than three years. Well, that’s what the economist dude said. Some of us have heard of such schemes; fewer have seen them deliver.