As you probably know, long-time state senator Martin Nesbitt died recently. It was nice to see people of all political persuasions burying their differences to celebrate the good he had done and honor what they liked in his character.

Developing along a parallel line, Asheville City Council had canceled its first meeting this month due to a sparse agenda. Well, Nesbitt died and then council decided to call a special meeting the next week to honor him and talk about its legislative agenda. Pardon my bad attitude, but it sounds almost as if they’re saying, “We’ve seen the last of good King Richard. Raise up a glass to good King John.”

It is equally unimportant to note a third item on the agenda. Council will also pay tribute to another recently-deceased personality. My impression here is it looks like TARP. That is, the meeting’s purpose would be too thinly-veiled if it were all about Nesbitt.

Oh, yeah. They’re going to appoint a new attorney, too. Don’t worry. I’m just eating sour grapes, as I had harbored high hopes to breeze out of town and attend a concert in nearby Durham that night. What? Get a substitute you say? I’ve been trying for over ten years. I’ve peter-principled to the bottom of the abyss.