It finally happened.

As seen on the Carolina Elections Voter Registration Changes page, there are no longer any Constitution or Green Party registrations on the voter rolls in North Carolina. The North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) changed the 5,542 Constitution Party and 4,047 Green Party registrants to unaffiliated.

The SBE first moved to decertify the parties last January when both failed to make the criteria for staying on the books: either have the gubernatorial or presidential candidate from the party earn at least 2 percent of the vote in the latest election or have their presidential candidate be on the ballot in at least 35 states.

They had a chance to get back on the rolls by petition, but both failed to collect the roughly 13,900 signatures necessary. They will now have to collect petitions to get their candidates on the ballot under their party names in the next election.

Many counties had a spike in unaffiliated registrations (purple) this week as Green and Constitution party members were moved there.