In my mind, the situation surrounding solar panel maker Solyndra perfectly illustrates the total insanity from which the Obama administration is suffering. Give a company $500 million to create green jobs, and when (surprise) the company goes bankrupt, send in the FBI.

But guess what —- the local agency that received $13 million in federal stimulus funds to weatherize homes “is under scrutiny by the state for its fiscal management practices,” with the possibility that the SBI’s financial crimes unit will become involved.

The situation has Rep. Marcus Brandon scratching his head:

“I could not understand why we had the money, the houses that needed to be weatherized and the people who needed to work — and we’re only 30 percent completed,” said Brandon, whose district includes a significant number of African Americans and the poorest neighborhoods in High Point.

“I proposed to them: How can we increase the capacity to train more people to get more houses done?” Brandon said. “That was not a conversation they were interested in having. They were not interested in having people in High Point do the work in High Point. I made it very clear: I’m not interested in having people from Asheboro come do the work in High Point. The conversation ended right there.”

Why the money’s always there yet nothing gets done is the eternal question surrounding government, Rep. Brandon. And President Obama only wants more of the same.