Downtown Greensboro was hit hard during Saturday’s protests over the death of George Floyd–but further north on Elm Street the city’s famous International Civil Rights Center and Museum—the birthplace of peaceful protest that launched the civil rights movement—was also vandalized:

John Swaine stood outside the International Civil Rights Center and Museum sweeping up diamond-like pebbles of glass from a window shattered by an unidentified object from downtown protests late Saturday.

The museum’s CEO estimates the damage at about $4,000 to a monument attesting to the power of young people who in the 1960s ignited a sit-in movement that is credited with integrating lunch counters across the South.

“I believe in people protesting,” Swaine said. “That’s what this institution stands for, peaceful protests. But still there are lessons to be taught about how to properly demonstrate for effectiveness. And this is not it.”

What a shame.