Rhino Times reports the Greensboro city council is pondering another housing bond, a mere four years after voters passed a $25 million bond.

The idea was floated by none other than council member Michelle Kennedy. Homelessness is Kennedy’s number one issue:

Kennedy talked about how that housing bond passed in 2016 was not for the type of housing that Greensboro needed, which was for those on “the lowest economic rung.” She said the only way to solve the homeless problem was by building housing for those now sleeping on the streets.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan supported Kennedy’s proposal, she noting that Durham had just passed a $95 million bond. However, she also reminded everyone how difficult it was to get the $25 million bond on the ballot. No doubt this will be a larger bond, and on the general election ballot, too, as Rhino editor John Hammer reports it’s too late to prepare a bond package for the March 3 primary. So it makes one wonder why Kennedy and Vaughan think a larger bond will have less trouble?