I stray from relativity politics–look what our guy did, but look what your guy did, too. By the same token in this day and age of social media it’s important to read beneath every headline. As you can imagine, on social media right now there’s a lot of discussion about how the indictments of state Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes and businessman Greg Lindberg for attmepting to influence Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey with campaign donations are evidence of inherent corruption within the evil Republican Party. Honestly, I can understand that reaction. But again, it’s important to read beneath the headlines. Today the Charlotte Observer–good for them—took a look at the wide variety of politicos who were beneficiaries of Lindberg’s riches:

Lindberg’s donations went beyond Republicans. He gave $500,000 to the state Democratic Executive committee and contributed $33,900 to the fundraising arm of U.S. Senate Democrats, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, in July 2018. And in April 2018, according to FEC records, he gave $10,000 to a North Carolina Democratic Party federal political action committee.

Lindberg’s donations in 2018 also went to Democratic U.S. Reps. Conor Lamb, D-Pa., and Charlie Crist, D-Fla., as well as Act Blue, which supports progressive Democrats running for office.

….Sen. Jeff Jackson, a Charlotte Democrat, agreed, saying Wednesday Democratic candidates as well as the Democratic Party should return any money received from Lindberg. Lindberg’s other support of Democrats includes past donations to Farad Ali, former Durham City Council member and mayoral candidate, and former Insurance Commissioner and chair of the N.C. Democratic Party Wayne Goodwin.

So –in my opinion—it’s clear that Lindberg’s politics were not Republican, not Democrat but “green”—as in he gives the green to the guys who can do him the most favors. Now if I have to fault the Observer’s reporting at all, it’s for that last sentence in bold—why is Wayne Goodwin’s name buried in this story, especially since Carolina Journal reported that Goodwin and Lindberg have a history together.

In my mind, Wayne Goodwin is the central figure in this story—think about it–you have an insurance commissioner, an state party chair and an associate of an allegedly corrupt businessman. Who holds all three of those titles?