I think I’d rather have the awkward attempt at humor than yesterday’s eighth-grade study guide on famous immigrants who’ve “helped make these United States.” Yeah, we know, immigrants always have –and always will contribute mightily to “these United States,” continually in awe of the freedom we Americans take for granted and as a result are in danger of losing. The broader question is how long our already strained social and economic system can withstand an illegal and disorderly immigration system.

Bummer of a Sunday N&R all the way around, with not one but two front-page articles on how we’re all totally screwed by climate change, not to mention an angry op-ed (unposted) by a UNC professor of family medicine tallying up the death toll from global warming:

Greensboro is expected to increase from a historical average of eight excessive heat event days per summer to 70 by the end of the century…..This temperature rise will cause an estimated 1,259 excess deaths in Greensboro by 2099, directly from climate change.

Still I wrote the check and signed on for another six weeks’ subscription, if for no other reason than to be able to glance at the box scores and the TV schedule while I drink coffee. Guess my intelligence should be questioned.