The phrase lends itself to thoughts on adolescents. And it’s true, in more ways than one. Terry Stoops is particularly adept at understanding the phrase, considering his sensitive to all issues related to school construction. Appearing on Political Connections with Tim Boyum, News 14, and Matt Mittan, Terry gave an overview of where the state is thus far in terms of school construction.  It wasn’t a comedy routine.  Although there’s a clear tie to children, growth means more than hormones.  It also refers to families.  As the population continues to bubble over, developers are running into moratoriums. On the Lockwood Phillips show, Chad Adams discussed the city’s potential moratorium on new construction in parts of Swansboro. And quite possibly the worst form of growth is an abnormal and illegal one. Thanks to Easley and a state-affiliated foundation, Don Carrington‘s got one more tree to bark up.