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Maya Reagan was the John Locke Foundation’s Grassroots Outreach Coordinator and also operates as the lead photojournalist for the Carolina Journal.

Growing up in a Korean-American military household, Maya grew up everywhere and nowhere but proudly calls North Carolina home. After experiencing a transient upbringing, she firmly believes that when championed on a community level, freedom-driven state policy is the vehicle by which America will flourish.

Prior to joining Locke, Maya worked as a contractor for CatholicVote during the 2020 election cycle as a member of their Battleground State Outreach field staff. While she considers herself green in the policy landscape, Maya’s experience lies in humanitarian advocacy/outreach work on an international level. After her admittance into medical school in 2018, Maya took an academic sabbatical and went to live and work in the education and medical arena of the Central Plateau of Haiti. Upon her return stateside, she served on the nonprofit’s Executive Board of Directors as the Director of Outreach and Advocacy, advising and liaising between the board and the Haitian operation team on the ground in the Caribbean.