The Rhino writes up Guilford County personal property tax assessments:

Normally, when someone talks about a shakedown, they’re referring to the Mafia or underworld thugs, however, these days, Commissioner Bill Bencini sounds like he’s worried the Guilford County Tax Department – along with a collection firm the county uses – might be guilty of those same shady practices.

Bencini gave Guilford County Tax Director Ben Chavis an earful at the Board of Commissioners Monday, March 4 work session, which was held in part to discuss complaints Bencini has been hearing regarding the way the Tax Department assesses and collects personal property taxes from companies that use showrooms in High Point during the international home furnishings market twice a year.

Set aside for a moment Bencini’s claims –which neither Chavis nor Tax Director Greg French disputed — that the county “had sent personal property tax bills without ever going in to a building or communicating with the owner.” Chavis and French seem to believe that the ability to contest the assessment is a fair enough shake for business owners.

I guess the questions is how many businesses prevail when they contest their assessment?