It’s secret that Democrats are already gearing up to take back Congress in 2018—at the very least to stop the Trump agenda, at the very worst to start wacko impeachment proceedings.

One target—a target Democrats have been gunning for since I can remember— 5th District Rep. Virginia Foxx. Winston-Salem Journal’s Scott Sexton handicaps potential opponents:

Metaphorically speaking, the same thing happens every time a Democratic politician announces his (or her) intention to take a run at Congresswoman-for-life Virginia Foxx. An eager, earnest and political naïf steps up and says with all seriousness that this election is the one in which Foxx can be had.

It is an uphill battle, but I believe with hard work and old-fashioned grassroots campaigning, we can do this.

Jim Harrell, Roger Sharpe, Roy Carter, Billy Kennedy, Elizabeth Motsinger and Josh Brannon — all are Democrats who’ve run against Foxx in general elections since 2004. And all of them lost — bigly. The only thing that changed was the name on the ticket.

That’s relevant barely three months removed from the most recent election because two more candidates — City Councilwoman D.D. Adams and a lesser-known Jenny Marshall — have said in the past week or so that they’d like a turn in the Democratic suicide vest for 2018.

Note that while D.D. Adams has more name recognition, comments below the Sexton’s advocate strongly for the “lesser known” Jenny Marshall. At a campaign event, Marshall dismissed claims that Democrats are tax and spend liberals. Instead, she said, many simply want to spend taxpayer money or more effective programs. Of course.