Tiffany Donnelly writes for the Federalist about the potential impact of H.R. 1 on basic American freedoms.

Democrats often rail against the dangers of “hate speech” and “extremist content,” yet their radical election overhaul bill, H.R. 1, would use taxpayer funds to subsidize the very speech they claim is bigoted.

At a recent House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, Rep. Mike Doyle lambasted tech CEOs for not being paternalistic enough. “The power of this technology is awesome and terrifying, and each of you has failed to protect your users and the world from the worst consequences of your creations,” he scolded.

Congressional Democrats think Americans need the government to protect them from offensive speech but are pushing a bill that would be a disaster for free speech.

Much of the colossal bill is an assault on the First Amendment, with about 300 pages devoted to suppressing citizens’ ability to criticize the government. It would also require politically active organizations, including nonprofits, to disclose donors who give $10,000 or more. Even the American Civil Liberties Union opposes the free speech crackdown, warning the bill “could directly interfere with the ability of many to engage in political speech about causes they care about and that impact their lives.”

Sound fair to you? No wonder Democrats desperately frame the narrative around the bill’s voting provisions. Pay no attention to powerful members of Congress silencing the voices of ordinary Americans. While several provisions squelch dissent, another pours taxpayer money into the coffers of politicians.

Under their radical plan, participating congressional candidates would receive a 600 percent match from the government for donations up to $200, with additional funding in the weeks leading up to a general election. Thus, a $200 donation would ultimately be worth $1,400 to the candidate.

As Rep. Michelle Waltz (R-FL) recently pointed out, “So for every progressive that gives AOC $100, your tax dollars will then give her $600.”