NYT report on Sen. Kay Hagan’s Democratic party sidestep:

Having lost its grip on political power in North Carolina, the state’s Democratic Party has the chance to prove its mettle by helping Kay Hagan retain the Senate seat she won in 2008. But internal party disputes have prompted Ms. Hagan to set up an alternative party structure in Wake County to organize and turn out voters.

In March, party allies of Ms. Hagan’s helped create a joint fund-raising effort with the Democratic Party of Wake County, the location of the state’s capital, Raleigh, and of North Carolina State University. The county party has brought in more than $1 million, mostly from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Ms. Hagan’s fund-raising. In contrast, the state party has raised $547,192 for its federal committee during the first six months of this year.

What’s confusing is NYT’s point that the “Democratic Party’s troubles include controversy over the leadership of Randy Voller, the state party chairman, who “has backed the “Moral Mondays” protest campaign first organized by the N.A.A.C.P. and other groups in response to Republicans’ takeover of both chambers of the state legislature.”

Furthermore, NYT also goes on to speculate “a shift to the left by the state party may energize the Democratic base.” But nothing shifts more to the left than the Rev. William Barber’s road show, does it?

Interesting footnote — “Much of the Wake County party money has been spent quickly on salaries for campaign staff; in June the party committee spent $203,544 on salary payments to 115 people, according to Federal Election Commission records.”