The latest Newsweek applies that label to Mississippi’s governor. Jonathan Darman‘s article offers some interesting points.

“In politics,” he told me, “things are never as good as they seem and they’re never as bad as they seem.” The Democrats won because they had a candidate?Obama?who “could sell Fords to Chevrolet dealers” and “charm the skin off a snake.” And because the candidate had had a “romance with the press unlike any before, certainly in my lifetime.” And then, of course, there was the most important reason?the reason Obama was destined to win all along: “It was the Democrats’ turn.”

At the beginning of 2010, this no longer seems an outlandish analysis. The serious people have traded their talk of historical epochs for some very present politics. The public no longer seems as enchanted with the president; he disappoints the left and scandalizes the right. Sensing vulnerability, Republicans are simply looking for someone who knows how to win.