Christopher Cantrill writes for the American Thinker about one outcome from Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel.

Do you think that things have clarified somewhat over the last week since the Hamas massacres in Israel?

I get the feeling that our beloved leaders are caught, just a little, between a rock and a hard place. They would like to equivocate on the Palestinian Question, but the Hamas atrocities make it just a little more difficult. Our leaders like to be on the side of the Left-approved victims, and are embarrassed to support our friends — like Israel.

And you know what? I couldn’t be happier. The harder it becomes for our rulers to support fake victims, the happier it makes me.

Oh, I get it. Ever since Marx, lefty politicians have recognized that the royal road to political power is to pose as the savior of the victims, whether workers, women, blacks, gays, Palestinians. Never mind that most of the problems of the workers was due to government screwing up the economy with wars, inflations, deflations, and central bank incompetence. Never mind that, after the passage of the civil rights acts, pro-black politics is simple racism. Never mind that feminism has benefited high-born women and destroyed the traditional family that supports ordinary women. Never mind that the gay rights movement has morphed into the trans rights racket.

Never mind that our current leaders came to power upon the promise that they would administer an efficient and just state, replacing the horrors of the “spoils system” with educated and honest administration.

Can anyone doubt that our present rulers operate a “spoils system” that makes the 19th-century system seem like a walk in the park?

And the incompetence! Two world wars and a cold war. Two muffed credit crashes, in 1929 and 2008, when the central bank utterly failed. Two inflation episodes, in the 1970s and now the 2020s.