A news report
says an ABC executive, pushing for DVR makers to disable fast-forward
buttons to prevent viewers from skipping past ads, had this to say
about how people use their DVRs:

I’m not so sure that the whole issue really is one of commercial
avoidance. It really is a matter of convenience ? so you
don’t miss your favorite show. And quite frankly, we’re just training a
new generation of viewers to skip commercials because they can. I’m not
sure that the driving reason to get a DVR in the first place is just to
skip commercials. I don’t fundamentally believe that. People can
understand in order to have convenience and on-demand (options), that
you can’t skip commercials.

This guy is as isolated as Kim Jong-Il (see below). The main
value of my DVR service to me (and to anyone I know who has one) is
that I don’t have to sit through the commercials on shows that I’ve
recorded. Last night, for instance, I watched my DVR’d version of OLN’s
coverage of the Tour de France on a 40-minute delay so I could zap through all of the
repetitious commercials and promotions for upcoming cable shows.

Next, I suppose, he’ll advocate legislation preventing viewers from going to the bathroom during commercials.

(Link via Newsbusters)