The Hill reports on President Trump’s approval rating, as measured by the Harvard/Harris poll:

President Trump’s job approval rating is the highest it’s been in two years, boosted by voter optimism about the economy, according to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey.

The survey found that 48 percent approve of the job Trump is doing, compared to 52 percent who said they disapprove. That’s up from 45 percent approval in March. The last time the president’s job approval rating reached 48 percent in the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey was in June of 2017.

Meantime, North Carolina Congressman G.K. Butterfield, a Democrat who represents the state’s 1st congressional district, has announced he will vote to impeach the president.

“We’re approaching a constitutional crisis. We must hold President Trump accountable for his misconduct and the criminal justice system is not available to hold him accountable for his misconduct,” Butterfield said.

Rep. David Price said in a statement on Twitter after Mueller’s remarks that “it’s up to Congress to investigate from here.” Last week, Rep. Alma Adams said that she supported an impeachment inquiry.

The 2020 election is less than 18 months away and some folks remain glued to the 2016 results. As I’ve previously written, the impeachment strategy is the road to re-electing Mr. Trump.