Brian Joondeph writes for the American Thinker about the nation crossing a proverbial line that should worry us.

The Obama/Biden/Soros cabal is nearing its fourth term running America, driving this once great nation into the ditch of communism and tyranny.

Last week, America finally crossed the Rubicon from a nation of liberty and the rule of law to a banana republic thugocracy where the ruling party indicts, arrests, and imprisons its political opposition.

The Rubicon is a boundary or limiting line. The expression is a few thousand years old,

“In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar led his army to the banks of the Rubicon, a small river that marked the boundary between Italy and Gaul. Caesar knew Roman law forbade a general from leading his army out of the province to which he was assigned. By crossing the Rubicon, he would violate that law. ‘The die is cast,’ he said, wading in.”

Donald Trump’s conviction on nonsensical misdemeanor process crimes, beyond the statute of limitations, a dispute over whether fees paid to a lawyer were actually legal fees (as opposed to what, medical bills?), that these payments influenced an election concluded a year before said payments were made, tried within a rigged courtroom construct by a conflicted judge and attorneys guaranteeing a guilty verdict, and last but not least federal charges inappropriately tried at the state level after the feds declined to pursue these charges.

These all blew up Lady Justice’s scales and any premise of due process or equal protection under the law. The die has indeed been cast.

When those in charge can prosecute and imprison their political opponents, any semblance of democracy is long gone, the Rubicon crossed.

Was any of this a surprise? For those following the myriad lawfare attacks on candidate, then president, now candidate again Donald Trump, it’s the culmination of spying based on a fabricated opposition research dossier, by the way paid for by the Clinton campaign as a “legal expense,” special counsels, impeachment, and now bogus crimes, conviction and imprisonment is the logical conclusion.