Here is a passage from a recent op-ed published in the News & Observer,

Families choosing to not enroll in Durham Public Schools give us the important message that they don’t think their needs will be met. We need to listen to them and learn from that feedback — but we also need them committed to fulfilling the promise of public education as a public good. Every time a family opts out of DPS, it makes the work harder to improve and strengthen our schools.

So, over the last 20 years, DPS officials haven’t learned anything that would make the district more competitive with charter, private, and home schools?  Or could it be that school district officials simply don’t like what parents to have to say because it does not correspond to their collectivist vision for public education?  Indeed, appeals to the “public good” are not persuasive to parents whose children have been bullied or mistreated in a DPS school and find solace in a school of choice.