Top Gear hosts conclude, well, no.  It all started when they were speculating what a Chinese car might be like and then wondered if communists had ever made a good car.   They had to test some and find out.

In the various segments, a ?capitalist pig? in a Range Rover pulls their Russian SUV out of a ditch.   With their 80-horsepower engines, the hosts in another segment race a dog?and lose.  The show also criticizes a ?socialist? and ?Marxist? British model, Morris Marina, that incorporated ?Lenin? and ?communist? influences and the hosts wonder why it was ever called ?The Super? edition.  It made host Jeremy Clarkson guess that the TC in the TC model stood for ?Trotskyite Crap.? 

The episodes are also loaded with clever commentary concerning the atrocities committed by the Russian regime against its own people.  And there is witty commentary about labor unions, too.  It?s worth watching.  Here is a link to one of the segments.  (Warning: there is the occasional profanity).