For years, folks from across the country have competed to work for SAS, a company known for a generous benefits package and employee-friendly work environment. Well guess what. Here’s what President Obama’s health care “reform” means to employees of SAS and their leadership team. From the Wall Street Journal comes the stunning reality, which includes SAS having to double what it spends on consultants just to figure out what’s what in the massive government takeover. And then there’s this:

SAS is also taking steps now to prepare for changes that take effect in future years. In 2018, a tax kicks in on employers with plans whose costs exceed certain levels. If SAS doesn’t adjust its health plans, it estimates the tax will cost it approximately $20 million a year, says Ms. Mann.

To help get under the threshold level, in January SAS is eliminating its higher-cost indemnity plan and is also doubling co-pays to $20 from $10, she says. The company may still have to shift more costs to employees to avoid the tax, she says.

This is “reform”? Not hardly. This is government expansion and coercion, plain and simple.