A recent survey shows that telemedicine is on the minds of healthcare executives. Reaction Data, a research firm that specializes in global healthcare provider, payer, and life sciences industries, conducted the survey of 97 healthcare executives on the topic of market disruption. About half of the respondents worked in a hospital, a little over a quarter of them were CEOs, and the others held positions such as CIOs, CFOs, and Directors of Quality.

Survey participants were asked which technology will have the biggest impact on the healthcare sector. 29 percent of respondents chose telemedicine, 20 percent chose artificial intelligence, 15 percent chose interoperability, and 13 percent chose data analytics. Surprisingly, only 2 percent chose blockchain technology.                                                                                                                             

Respondents in the survey were pressed further about what they believed telemedicine will be used for most. 24 percent of respondents chose “reaching patients who live in rural areas” or “follow-up care.” 23 percent said “managing specific patient populations,” 12 percent said after “hours patient consults,” 9 percent said “preventative care,” and 8 percent said “primary care visits.”

By a large margin, 59 percent of survey respondents said Amazon will have the biggest impact on the healthcare market. The second was Apple with 14 percent and third was Google with 8 percent. Amazon and Apple were seen as having the most diverse attributes which are why the executives surveyed thought they would have the most success in the healthcare market.