11 applicants benefited from $30,000 worth of Obamacare subsidies after signing up for health insurance coverage on the federal exchange. These 11 applicants are not real people.

So much for tight security measures. But let’s be real. Fraud isn’t that difficult to get away with when you’re swimming in big government programs.

Stephanie Armour with the Wall Street Journal reports:

The federal exchange set up under the Affordable Care Act allowed fictitious applicants to maintain coverage and re-enroll this year, according to a report by a congressional watchdog group that raises questions about the marketplace’s ability to detect fraud.

The exchange, HealthCare.gov, last year approved 11 fictitious applications submitted in an undercover operation by the Government Accountability Office, according to the report released Wednesday by the agency.

The fake applicants all maintained coverage through 2014 and were re-enrolled this year despite use of fabricated documents or missing information, the report said.

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