We continue to hear about food deserts, and I maintain my stance that people would find ways to eat without government baiting dependency and hyper-regulating. Yes, I go so far to say that mass starvation is the result of evil dictators, as the rest of the world is always loving enough to help out with short-term devastation. If we want to play Anthropology Class, we could talk about the poor people hunting and gathering until they can save enough to start investing in agriculture. They could even trade with others for foodstuffs they don’t have.

Now, let’s go to Civics Class and learn how the poor people are in a poverty well. If they want food they have to get it from a store, and if they want a store, they have to form a corporation, get a license from the government, wait two years for their store to clear Planning and Zoning, hire an accountant to try to make them compliant with corporate tax law, draft a lease agreement, contract with vendors and operations outfits, and all that other yummy stuff.

It is so much easier for poor people to go on welfare and wait for goody-goody 501(c)(3)’s to objectify them as hungry mouths in need of nurturing and programs.