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You can have a complaint filed against you for explaining traffic patterns too well. You need a license to braid hair, and there are even hurdles to opening a hot dog stand. Rick Henderson's explanation of the thinking behind this is helpful.

At least we don't have licensing for interior decorators, like Florida, where there is a move to deregulate the profession, and two other states.

I've argued that North Carolina should go further and ease licensing restrictions on health care providers. A recent example from Lowell, NC, illustrates this point. Galo Alejandro Mendoza practiced dentistry and purchased and dispensed Lidocaine without a license. So he was neither a dentist nor a pharmacist, but took on their duties for his clients. None of the charges against him claim that he injured anyone, gave Lidocaine to anyone with a drug problem, deformed anyone's smile, or in any way left his customers dissatisfied with his work. He expanded access for individuals who were likely uninsured and low income.

So he got arrested for actually doing what ObamaCare is supposed to do.