Compiling the monthly news briefs for another media outlet this morning, I am once again seriously dismayed. Just about all the business news for Western North Carolina pertains to government donations, economic development incentives, corporate welfare, or sweetheart deals. Missing is the old idea that business involves production and trade. Gone are the days of a bright entrepreneur inventing, patenting, and marketing. Instead, we see subjects praying the favors of mighty government to grace them with the power to start a business in their kingdoms. We all know the but-for line. For years, it continues to be the same old saw that XX Company was awarded $$ by XX Government to create xx jobs and invest $$ in the community. The reports always wind up with some luminary exclaiming, “This is exciting!” The sad thing today is this kind of business news is so pervasive, I find myself drawn into the trap of perpetuating the subtle lie that people can’t do business without government tipping the scales in their favor.