Maybe I’m reading too critically, but that’s what seems to be the lead editorial in the Smithfield Herald yesterday:

… Perhaps you read the letter to the editor from the Smithfield parent who said some rude, loud, foul-mouthed young people ruined the town?s Christmas parade for her young son.

These over-the-top youngsters are not particularly hard to figure out. They are most likely poor, hence the appeal of free candy tossed from parade floats. And just as likely, they are starved for attention, which explains why they are loud, prone to profanity and prone to stand in front of people who come to see a parade.

The kids weren’t the only ones over the top. Sure doesn’t sound like the McClatchy papers I know.

It doesn’t get better. The editorial concludes,

We?ve never been a fan of the rain falling on the just and the unjust, and that would be the case if Smithfield banned candy

though if they had double-checked their memory about the origin of that statement, they might have decided to re-write the opening grafs.

And they said irony was dead in 2001.