In addition to his new report and radio appearance, Jon Sanders’ work on North Carolina’s renewable-energy mandate also attracted attention from and from N.C. Senate Republicans in their daily press email. The Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s weekly report cites Sanders’ study as a “cautionary tale.” (North Carolina’s renewable energy mandate, passed in 2007, “fails to meet its stated purposes, worsening consumers’ energy needs with higher prices, undercutting ‘energy security’ and indigenous energy by incentivizing subsidies to out-of-state energy providers while not counting shale gas, harming energy investment, and making questionable choices for air quality,” according to a study by Jon Sanders of North Carolina’s John Locke Foundation.)

The Heritage Foundation’s “Insider Online” promoted Sanders’ recent report on a regulatory reform dubbed REINS. A Sanford Herald editorial quoted Sanders on the REINS proposal. (During the last 20 years, officials have added an average of 2,360 pages each year; we now have more than 22,500 administrative rules. We don’t know whether North Carolina lawmakers will take steps to rein in unelected state bureaucrats. That recommendation has been made, however, in a report by Jon Sanders, Director of Regulatory Studies at the John Locke Foundation.)

The N.C. Political News website promoted a new John Locke Foundation report on auto insurance reform. The Mooresville Tribune published Terry Stoops’ recent column on a scathing new analysis of the federal Head Start program.